Auckland: 09 522 0227


Q: What is the cost?

A: Initial consultation is $390. Follow up consultations are $240. Payment is expected at the time of consultation. Minor procedures carry an additional charge.

Q: Am I coming to the right doctor?

A: Check out the Services that we offer. Feel free to contact us if you're not sure that you are coming to the right place.

Q: Are there problems that I should not see you about?

A: We do not offer services for:

  • On-line and phone consultation service
  • Treatment for children under 15 years of age
  • Psychotherapy / counselling for sexual problems but we can do a medical assessment for you and refer you to an appropriate therapist
  • Management of erectile dysfunction
  • Sexual assault/abuse service. If you are worried about this, the best people to contact are Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP on 09 623 1700.

Q: Do I need a GPs referral?

A: No. We are happy to see you without a referral.

Q: Will my health insurance cover this?

A: Yes. The extent of cover from health insurance depends on your policy. Sexualhealth Specialists is an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society.

Q: Will my health insurance cover if I refer myself?

A: If you are a Southern Cross member, you can self- refer and you should be covered depending on your policy (eligibility criteria apply).

For other insurance providers, you may require a letter of referral from your GP in order to make a claim.

Q: Do you see both men and women?

A: Yes.

Q: What happens during a consultation?

A: Consultations are 45 minutes to 1hour. Follow- up appointments are 30 minutes. We are experts at what we do and you will get a comprehensive history, examination and all necessary investigations, treatment plan and follow-up. Results will be conveyed to you personally, in the way that works for you (email, phone or text). We also work in a multidisciplinary environment (with gynaecology, oncology, dermatology and physiotherapy) so if you have a complex problem, you will get the best care.

Q: Where can I find a free service?

A: There are free services provided by public sexual health clinics. This is usually based at your local hospital or DHB. A current list of free public sexual health clinics around New Zealand can be found on the Auckland Sexual Health Service website.